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Practical, real-world digital marketing training to run your own Ninja Digital Marketing!

  •  Learn effective digital marketing with easy-to-follow video tutorials
  • Watch as successful professional marketers explain their strategies and show you exactly what to do
  • Copy along in your own time, at your own pace, and from any device
  • Give your business a World class marketing campaign at little to no cost!

World Class Digital Marketing For Your Business… At Little To No Cost

If you want to learn how to market your business, from people who actually spend their entire lives marketing businesses just like yours, then welcome to MarketingU.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Watch step-by-step tutorial videos and copy along to prioritise and run your own digital marketing campaign, even if you have no prior experience.


Perfect for busy entrepreneurs and marketing managers, MarketingU balances theory with practical guides to show you what works, as quickly as possible, based on real life experience across hundreds of real campaigns for businesses just like yours. There’s no fluff or padding, because you don’t have time for that. Just shots of highly effective digital marketing delivered straight to the screen in front of you so that you can copy, implement, and grow your visibility and sales.

Learn from the UK’s Bestselling Marketing Teachers... And Doers

As well as writing 5 of the UK’s bestselling digital marketing books, Exposure Ninja is a 60-person digital marketing agency growing small and medium-sized businesses through the exact strategies we teach in MarketingU. In fact, we use the MarketingU videos ourselves to train our own staff.


The benefit of this to you is that the methods inside MarketingU are not regurgitated from anonymous blog posts or taught by so-called YouTube experts that have never run a successful marketing campaign. Instead, these are the exact methods we use day-to-day for our clients. They’re battle-tested, refined and we’ll show you, in plain English, exactly how to use them for your business.

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Who is MarketingU for?

MarketingU is perfect for busy SME business owners and marketing managers. Because the focus is on doing rather than just learning, we’ve designed the whole experience to help you grow your business as quickly as possible.


Once you join, you’ll learn how to bring new customers to your business online, whether your business sells services or products, to either consumers or other businesses. You’ll discover how to identify the marketing channels that will be the most profitable in your market, and by learning both the theory and the practical sides of each channel, it’ll be simple to adapt what you see to your particular situation.

Get Certified To Prove Your Expertise

With MarketingU Certification, you can prove your expertise in all areas of Digital Marketing by taking assessments designed to mirror real life. Want to qualify as a Facebook Ad Ninja? Take the Facebook ad certification. Want to get certified as an SEO Ninja? Cool. For the true experts, master each certification to become a Black Belt, the highest honour for any marketer.


We’ll send you physical and electronic copies of your certifications to use on your wall, to send to employers or show to your parents! (They still won’t understand what you do though).

What Does MarketingU Cover?

The training inside MarketingU is broken down into easy-to-use categories. You’ll start by running through an overview, spotting the lowest-hanging fruit and working out your priorities, so that you can then dig into the most relevant sections for you.

We emphasise the importance of ACTION throughout and encourage you to implement things quickly, rather than waiting until you understand every nuance. And of course, we’ll help you get set up with a range of traffic channels for your website - some quick and others longer-term.

Your Website

Your website is your online sales person, and should be working hard 24/7. Discover what your website should be saying, doing and you can tweak it to perform better. Don't have a website yet? No worries! We'll show you step-by-step how to build one from scratch!

All of this is PLAIN ENGLISH - no experience or coding knowledge required.

Search Engine Optimisation

Learn how to Get To The Top of Google from the people that (literally) wrote the book! As Europe's #1 Bestselling Author, Tim has explained SEO to more small businesses than anyone else and his 'plain English' style means that even inexperienced digital marketers can follow along.

Discover how to make your website 'Google-friendly', build its visibility through getting other websites to link to you, and increase your Google ranking. You'll see real-life examples that you can copy to get the same results!     

Pay Per Click

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Retargeting... Paid traffic can feel complicated sometimes! We will show you how to get started, how to create killer ad campaigns, track your progress and generate more sales through paid advertising.

Whether it's discovering the Ninja secrets to top Adwords performance or getting to grips with Instagram ads, follow the videos to generate higher ROI from your PPC.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it's increasing your likes and followers or using contests to build engagement, we'll show you how to set up, run and track profitable social media campaigns. As authors of one of the bestselling Social Media books of all time, we're well placed to demonstrate which networks you should be using, and how.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

If you're a time-pressured business owner or marketing manager, it can feel intimidating and confusing knowing where to start with Digital Marketing. With so many options and so little time, success comes from knowing what to do in the right order. 

That's why we'll show you how to develop a prioritised action plan for the time you have available - whether it's 10 minutes per week or 8 hours per day!

Email Marketing

Email marketing 'done right' is insanely profitable. In these videos you'll set up email capture on your website, build an automatic email sequence that turns these leads into buyers, and discover exactly why every successful business online bar none takes email marketing seriously.

The best thing about all of this? Do it once and it's set up for life!

So whether you're new to the world of autoresponders, or you're keen to implement the latest advanced behavioural targeting marketing automation techniques, MarketingU will turn you into an email marketing Ninja in no time!

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Getting more visitors to your website is great, but it's turning those visitors into buyers that provides the income.

In the CRO videos you'll discover the tweaks and tricks that you can use to get more customers from your existing traffic and improve the effectiveness of your website, social profiles, advertising and email marketing. And remember because it's MarketingU, it's all plain English and no experience required!


From developing a high-performing sales process to writing and publishing a bestselling book, the Extras section gives you additional help to improve the visibility and profitability of your business.

So whether your sales team needs a productivity bump or you fancy yourself as a bestselling author, you'll love the Extras section in the video vault!

Become a Marketing Ninja Today

Get instant access to our step-by-step tutorials and watch your business grow

What Sort Of Results Are Possible?

Massive B2B Website Ranking Improvements

  • Using a combination of Onsite Optimisation (Month 1) and SEO/PR Link Building (Month 2 Onwards) this B2B website’s rankings have improved 2218 positions across their top keywords in 8 months
  • Position 1 ranking for SEVEN keywords
  • Page 1 ranking for TWENTY SIX keywords
  • They’ve become the most visible company in their market in the UK as a result

Rankings Domination for Local Dentist

  • This local dentist website was built following the MarketingU website building process
  • Strategies included: Content Splitting (Month 2) Onsite Optimisation (Month 1 onwards) Directory Listings (Month 2) & SEO/PR (Month 2 onwards), Conversion Rate Optimisation (Month 1 onwards)
  • Within 2 full months of the site going live, it is ranking top of Google for 7 phrases.
  • 28 of their 55 keywords are on page 1 already
  • The most dominant dentist in their local area - all within 2 months of their new website and SEO going live

From Page 10 To Page 1 In ONE Month!

  • This site targets international relocation across the whole of the UK
  • By tweaking their content and building high authority links, Google started indexing and ranking the site properly
  • Within 1 month, the site saw 1,992 positions gained on Google for their target keywords
  • Page 1 for 7 highly competitive and commercial phrases, 9 of which were beyond page 10 before the start of the month

TWENTY Keywords At The Top Of Google

  • This B2C Luxury Home Technology Website was built in WordPress according to the principles covered in MarketingU
  • Strategies included: Content Splitting (Month 2) Onsite Optimisation (Month 1 onwards) Directory Listings (Month 2) & SEO/PR (Month 2 onwards)
  • Within 18 months of the new site going live it has TWENTY keywords ranking Position 1
  • In total 52 of their 72 target keywords are page 1
  • The most visible company in their market outranking long-established competitors

Slash PPC Costs

  • E-commerce site running their own PPC achieved cost per conversion of £41.76
  • Immediately after applying CPC Reduction techniques (Month 1 onwards) this fell to £7.78
  • 10 months later cost per conversion is £2.88
  • Total saving of 93.11% through adding negative keywords automated rules retargeting and increasing Ad Quality Score

Implement New Traffic Channels

  • Global job site spending on average £3.69 per sale through Adwords
  • A well-optimised Remarketing campaign was implemented (month 3)
  • Cost per sale with Remarketing is £1.0033
  • A new traffic source for them at 27% of the cost!

Social Media Audience Growth

  • This tech startup's brand new Facebook page grew to over 300 likes in 2.5 months
  • Targeted content and audience outreach combined to grow audience
    Resulting demographic insight helped steer future strategy

3,000 Social Media Contest Entries For a £12.50 Giveaway

  • This homeware e-commerce site used a social media contest to raise awareness amongst a targeted audience
  • By co-running the contest with a popular blogger in their niche, they reached a fresh new audience
  • 3,000 entries secured for the contest, generating hundreds of retweets and tens of thousands of impressions

Piggybacking Facebook Audiences To Reach Thousands More

  • This lighting e-commerce store used the social media strategies covered in MarketingU to piggyback authoritative bloggers and run giveaways with them
  • One post from one giveaway attracted 385 comments, 311 likes
  • From this one post 247 people shared this product and website with ALL of their Facebook friends.
  • As a result of their increased visibility, revenue from their site increased over 7,947% Year On Year

"Firstly your book played a huge role in improving the SEO on my company website. You have now somehow topped that with detailed video explainer videos with real world examples, tips and advice. Genuine, quality and very professional work. Thanks again Tim!"

Martin Holgate
Entertainers Worldwide

"Marketing U has made me feel optimistic and inspired about my online businesses success. After years of struggling to get to grips of online marketing and SEO I finally feel confident about marketing my website and actually making it work. Just a couple of videos into the course and putting Tim’s instructional videos into practice, the results are already beginning to come through. Instead of wasting time reading guides and articles that contradict each other, jump straight into Marketing U and find easy to follow plans that you can put into action right away. The amount of detail in each video makes it so easy to follow even if you have no experience at all. The amount of value I am getting from this course is unbelievable and I wish I found this years ago. "

Luke Hall
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