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MarketingU has been written by the UK’s best selling author of digital marketing training books, Tim Kitchen.  The training material is designed to help everyone, from the one person business owner, right up to the multinational corporate.

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Earn 30% commission

We offer our affiliates a very generous bonus of 30%. Plus, because MarketingU is a subscription based service, you don’t just get that money once, you keep getting paid for as long as they remain monthly subscribers.  

So who can you target with MarketingU?

  • The one person business owner
  • The craft business owner who works from home
  • The small business owner
  • The one person marketing department
  • New marketing managers
  • Marketing Managers looking to up-skill themselves
  • Large companies with a training budget
  • Marketing teams looking to train new members
  • People looking to change careers and go into digital marketing

What is MarketingU?

MarketingU has been written by people just like you, people who have built businesses up from scratch both for themselves and on behalf of others. We have helped our clients generate millions and now we are sharing this advice with you.


Get started today and start earning 30%

Plus, because MarketingU is a subscription based service, you don’t just get that money once, you keep getting paid for as long as they remain monthly subscribers.

What Do We Teach In MarketingU?


Sitting at the top of google puts you in prime position for winning new customers. Our experts show you how to select the right target keywords, how to optimise your website for maximum performance and the secrets we use to ensure that our clients rank well above their competitors.


You’ve heard the phrase ‘a small change can make a big difference’, well we make a living by helping our clients make a massive difference to their conversion rate.  We will show you how to dramatically increase the conversion rates of your email newsletters, the killer copy you must have in your adverts and the website tricks you can use to make sure your visitors turn into repeat customers.  


Email marketing can make the difference between one sale and a repeat customer.  It is the often forgotten marketing tool that generates instant sales success.  We will show you how to build an autopilot email marketing system that generates sales automatically with zero effort from you.


Just making a few small tweaks to your website can make a massive difference to your sales figures.  In this section we use simple case studies to demonstrate the difference between a website sales machine and the ultimate in customer website frustration.  


It doesn't matter if you only have a handful of followers, we can show you how to turn a simple post into a business boosting experience using secret marketing ninja tools.  


There are so many different advertising tools out there, it can be a minefield working out the best way to use them all.  Using our plain English teaching, we will walk you through the exact way we built campaigns that have generate millions for our clients.  We help you skip the learning phase ensuring your adverts start performing from day one.


Marketing can be overwhelming.  There are so many things to do, all of which seem important, and it can be so hard to know where to start and what to do in order to get the best return on your investment.  We can talk you through the best ways to spend your time and money in order to get the best results.  


So if you want to start earning a minimum of 30% from every customer you bring in, sign up to our affiliate scheme today.


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