The 5 Best SEO Tools You Should be Using

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2018

The best SEO tools help you spy on your competitors, find the right keywords to rank for on Google and analyse existing content in your niche to identify fresh and successful ideas. In this blog post, we look at the five best SEO tools that you can use to drive traffic to your website in 2018.

Before a builder lays foundations for a house, or a surgeon performs an operation, they first make sure they have the tools they need. Why? Because, without the right tools, mistakes are bound to happen. The job is compromised and success is thwarted.

If you’re an internet marketer, small business owner, freelancer or blogger looking to boost your business and earn traffic from search engines, you still need to use the right tools. While neglecting this step will not end in building foundations falling or a surgery going wrong, the results can be just as devastating. If you don’t use the tools at your disposal to earn website visitors, you won’t be able to convert traffic,...

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Facebook Ad Rejected? 5 Reasons Why Your Advert Was Not Approved

facebook marketing Apr 05, 2018

Received feedback informing you that your Facebook ad has been rejected? Learn how to avoid this frustrating situation with our quick tips to Facebook ad success!

Facebook is a seriously powerful sales platform.

The second most-visited website on the internet, Facebook has nearly 2 billion users logging in every month. The popularity of the social media giant is not unknown to business owners, with as many as 1.5 million companies actively using Facebook’s targeted advertising service to approach consumers.

Given the benefits of Facebook ads, it isn’t hard to see the appeal.

Facebook ads allow brands to gain exposure amongst very specific user groups, using the channel’s customisable advertising tool to target profile holders by everything from age, gender and location, to interests, income and career paths.

Yet, as many of you will know, Facebook ads can be notoriously tricky to master.

It is not unusual for a Facebook ad to be rejected, although it is not always...

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How to Prevent Entrepreneur Burnout

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2018

Trying to do everything yourself and all at once is not the best business strategy and can certainly lead to entrepreneur burnout. Here’s how to avoid that happening.

Ideas are great when they come off, but ideas can often be the bane of our lives, too. Ask any entrepreneur who came up with a market-shifting notion and went on to develop it into an enterprise, and they will soon tell you how all-consuming the process can be. They might tell you how it can even cause financial and emotional meltdowns and all manner of other calamities.

It’s essential to avoid entrepreneur burnout at any stage of a business, but this is especially the case at the outset, when the new firm is on that incredibly delicate path to success. You, as the idea-generator and the leader of staff, are the most important person in driving the company forward. However, trying to handle every aspect of the business yourself may well send the firm backwards.

It is all too tempting to adopt this strategy....

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3 Marketing Fails Your Business Must Avoid

marketing advice Mar 27, 2018


New to the world of marketing? Looking to establish your business and reach new audiences? Before you take another step forward, read our blog about common marketing fails and how to avoid falling into their trap.

Good marketing is a critical practice that supports business success. Marketing fails can limit or even inhibit growth. Making the right choices when it comes to your marketing practices is absolutely crucial — and part of making those right decisions is knowing what the wrong ones are and avoiding them like the plague.

Our experts have seen countless marketing fails over their years in the industry and are keenly aware of what you really should not be doing. In our latest blog, the team at MarketingU look at three common marketing fails that you really should avoid:

Marketing Fail #1: Believing SEO is Dead

For years now, people have been decrying SEO as a dead marketing tool; a bygone method of consumer acquisition killed by spammy tactics and the ruthless,...

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