How to Prevent Entrepreneur Burnout

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2018

Trying to do everything yourself and all at once is not the best business strategy and can certainly lead to entrepreneur burnout. Here’s how to avoid that happening.

Ideas are great when they come off, but ideas can often be the bane of our lives, too. Ask any entrepreneur who came up with a market-shifting notion and went on to develop it into an enterprise, and they will soon tell you how all-consuming the process can be. They might tell you how it can even cause financial and emotional meltdowns and all manner of other calamities.

It’s essential to avoid entrepreneur burnout at any stage of a business, but this is especially the case at the outset, when the new firm is on that incredibly delicate path to success. You, as the idea-generator and the leader of staff, are the most important person in driving the company forward. However, trying to handle every aspect of the business yourself may well send the firm backwards.

It is all too tempting to adopt this strategy. After all, in the early stages of a new enterprise, trying to get sales and carve out some initial market share, budgets will usually be tight. Many entrepreneurs might shy away from hiring someone or outsourcing to a specialist company when they could save money by doing the task themselves — accounting, marketing and many other essentials in running a business. But it ends up with more work, more stress and potential entrepreneur burnout. To avoid all of this, but especially the latter, here’s what to look for and what to avoid:

Signs of Entrepreneur Burnout

Too Tired

Whereas before you may have been full of energy and couldn't wait to get your new business show on the road, now you can barely clamber out of bed in the morning. This is the first warning sign you may be headed towards entrepreneur burnout. You're simply doing too much and your body is not able to cope.

Losing Interest

Following on from feelings of tiredness, which sometimes can be overwhelming, if a businessperson is overextending themselves, they may be starting to lose interest in the new enterprise entirely. You may feel it's just not worth the effort anymore, and after all your work, capital investment and efforts so far, that's a great shame.

Personal Problems

People who are in the early stages of entrepreneur burnout will almost certainly be experiencing some level of difficulty with their family and relationships. They are stressed, anxious and overburdened, and increasingly unable to cope. Long hours spent trying to rectify all this may only make the situation, and relationships, worse.

Now that we have identified the warning signs of entrepreneur burnout, here’s what to do so you don’t fall victim:

Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

No matter what size the company or how small the budget, assign different tasks to existing staff, or hire new ones, or outsource. The new business may be your darling baby, but it's not going to thank you if you become obsessed with handling everything yourself and progress stalls, or even rolls backwards.

Take Time Out

No, your new company is not going to suddenly collapse if you step away for a day or two, and don't even think about it. Working and worrying 24/7 is not actually the key to success, and taking time away from the company will lead to a remarkable regeneration of energy and ideas — all fired up again!

Eat and Sleep Well

How many businesspeople have you heard say they skip meals all the time, or barely even sleep? Too busy for lunch and only four nights' sleep because life is just too hectic, right? It's almost a warrior badge of honour — except it's a recipe for disaster. They're running on empty. Fuel up and power your business day by eating properly (no junk!) and getting a good night's sleep.


In any new business, there will surely be a mountain of problems. Trying to sort them all out at once will invariably lead to frustrations and difficulties, so tackle the most pressing ones first — say, cash flow instead of personnel — and leave the rest for later. Remember that any successful marathon starts out with baby steps, so take things slowly so that your growth is steady and stable, not precarious.  

Many new businesses unfortunately fail not because of the business or the idea itself, but how their creator handled them. You can improve your new enterprise's chances by looking after yourself, and your company — and totally avoiding entrepreneur burnout.

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