Facebook Ad Rejected? 5 Reasons Why Your Advert Was Not Approved

facebook marketing Apr 05, 2018

Received feedback informing you that your Facebook ad has been rejected? Learn how to avoid this frustrating situation with our quick tips to Facebook ad success!

Facebook is a seriously powerful sales platform.

The second most-visited website on the internet, Facebook has nearly 2 billion users logging in every month. The popularity of the social media giant is not unknown to business owners, with as many as 1.5 million companies actively using Facebook’s targeted advertising service to approach consumers.

Given the benefits of Facebook ads, it isn’t hard to see the appeal.

Facebook ads allow brands to gain exposure amongst very specific user groups, using the channel’s customisable advertising tool to target profile holders by everything from age, gender and location, to interests, income and career paths.

Yet, as many of you will know, Facebook ads can be notoriously tricky to master.

It is not unusual for a Facebook ad to be rejected, although it is not always...

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